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Bargain Basement

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Operated by: Ivybeth member since 22-dec-2005
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Our Creed (a.k.a. The "eBay Wouldn't Want You to Read This" Manifesto):

So what makes us so different? Unlike many other online sellers, we do not subscribe to the following silly notion:

All sellers are always equally worthy of (if not downright entitled to) glowing feedback, regardless of whether a buyer actually receives what is initially promised by a listing, as long as they do something to remedy any problems they are "notified" of by their buyers.

Instead, we believe the seller who deserves a positive feedback rating is the seller who actually gets it right to begin with and therefore doesn't place the burden of such obligatory contact and hassle on their buyers. Let's face it: we want what we buy, which very frequently isn't what we get. Being graciously afforded the "opportunity" to return merchandise at your own return-shipping expense due to a seller's negligence or carelessness does not make for an especially happy why on earth should that seller be rewarded for the experience with a higher feedback rating and subsequently increased sales? He shouldn't. If we mess up, we deserve whatever feedback we get for that particular transaction. Period. Name-calling and generally rude remarks notwithstanding, we're grownups and can take it. Honesty and accuracy is what makes feedback meaningful, folks. These are also the values that separate businesses with integrity from those with no dignity.

Think about it: ever wonder why so many eBayers consider a 96% overall rating a poor one? On the planet we here at Bargain Basement reside on, 96% of anything is still ALMOST ALL. The fact that they are so wary of averaging anything below a 97% just shows how twisted a dog-and-pony show many feedback systems have become. What is so threatening about a puny 4% of a seller's customer base expressing any form of dissatisfaction with their shopping experience? For individual sellers it increases their need to compete via strides towards outstanding service, and who has time for that? For eBay it means a few less sales across the board and therefore a few less dollars profit, which is altogether unacceptable.

Frankly, what eludes us is the enormous number of sellers who--according to their feedback score, anyway--satisfy MOST if not ALL (at a typical minimum of 96%) of their customers. As fellow buyers ourselves who have been disappointed far more times than we've been impressed, we find this VERY hard to believe. In fact, we're much more inclined to believe that 96% of any one seller's client base weren't willing to risk their own feedback being affected by that seller should he "disagree with" the rating received. Or maybe they didn't care for the online ridicule and/or spiteful emails that were likely to come their way as a result (emails, incidentally, that--believe it or not--are forwarded to the buyer by eBay).

To admit they weren't entirely satisfied with a particular seller 100% of the time would only be seen as a reflection of how "unforgiving" they were as buyers, not considered for its relative value among the hundreds or even thousands of other ratings used to determine the seller's worth. For this reason, such a feedback system that purports to value just as highly a seller's opinion of a buyer's character or "behavior" (which serves no purpose) as the buyer's rating of the seller's performance (which is already universally expected since it's a service being paid for) is pretty much useless in our eyes as anything other than a bargaining tool between buyers and sellers. Call it "old school", but we think any bargaining that takes place between buyer and seller should happen before the seller takes the buyer's money.

Such a bargaining tool is even used by sellers to determine whether it's actually worth it for them to bother fixing their own mistakes. After all, if feedback is already left (i.e. "the damage to them has already been cruelly dealt"), there would be nothing for the seller to gain by offering some kind of compensation to the buyer. This what's-in-it-for-me mentality is standard fare in online sales, as evidenced by the popular feedback replies that are basically akin to:

"IF you had contacted me letting me know that ordering a Like New product but receiving one that is merely Good in condition is not your cup of tea [instead of revealing this to other potential buyers by posting feedback], we would have issued a refund [which probably would have required you to return our stuff]".

While the average online seller would see no fault with this line of reasoning, we think it is rather shameless. And this is what makes us so different.

So why should you trust us, if not by our 97.5% satisfaction rating on the aforementioned website? Because we have been in business online for several years on over ten websites and have maintained a very good reputation among our customers as being honest and trustworthy. Rest assured that 99% of any neutral or negative feedback ever received has been AS A BUYER from other sellersnamely, eBay members looking to turn the feedback system into a kind of "blackmail" forum as explained above. We don't promise perfection, but we do strive to maintain the same high business standards upon which we base the feedback we leave as buyers for other sellers. Check out our ratings AS A SELLER on Half dot com (eBay's sister site) under the username ivybeth, and see for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by.