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Battlestar Galactica: All 12 Telefilm movies + more 14 DVD Set

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After Galactica's demise on television, Universal cut the entire first season into twelve "telefilms" (telemovies), to be sold to television stations for syndication. The pilot episode is an edited variant of the home video version , and is 2h30 in length with commercials. The remainder of the telemovies are each two hours in length.

I personally recorded these telefilms when they first aired them back in 1981. I put only 1 telemovie (telefilm) onto each single DVD to avoided any compression and it was also recorded at the varible speed onto the DVDs, which was recorded on the DVD at a faster speed than the 2 hr. (SP) speed. This set is extremely very rare and I know that it would be impossible for anyone to find the same quality of my set that I'm selling and that is if anyone has all 12 telefilms and recorded them themself like me. THE TELEFILMS HAVE NEVER BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED, and all the telefilms in my set are 1st generation (recorded by me) except for one. I'm the one that recorded the 11 telemovies (Telefilm) when the networks started televising these telemovie (Telefilm) back in 1981. I bought my first VCR in 1979, which is why I was the one that recorded them personally. To me Battlestar Galactica (1978) is the best TV series ever made. For some reason they didn't televised the Greetings From Earth, which if they were not going to televised a telemovie (Telefilm), I'm glad it was the Greetings From Earth telemovie (Telefilm), because it the only telefilm that doesn't have any additional footage or additional dialog like all of the other 11 telemovies have in them, only the beginning of the Greetings From Earth telefilm has a different notwithstanding beginning opening credits that is only a slight variations in main title sequence, like all of the multi-part episodes telefilms that originally aired, those episodes they didn't have Battlestar Galactica at the beginning like they did have for the telemovie (Telefilm) that were made using 1 hr. long episodes to make a 2 hour movie. The title for the telemovie (Telefilm) of Greetings From Earth, it's virtually identical to the original broadcast version in 1979, except it start with the title for the movie is called, GREETINGS FROM EARTH, just like all of the other multi-part episodes and GREETINGS FROM EARTH is the only telefilm that only had in the opening credits, just the main 3 actors, didn't have Also Starring and Guest Stars in that episode, all of the other telefilms had them, only Greetings didn't.

I did find the first trader in 2001 and I sent him the best VHS video tape ever made, it was a Fuji Broadcast Grade tape, seeing that he told me that his copy was a multi generation had poor quality and his copy of the telemovie (Telefilm) only listed the first 3 regular actors, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene, that's all, they didn't listed the, Also Starring, which were the other regular actors that were in the series and they also didn't even list the Guest Stars for Greetings From Earth, it was the only telemovie that didn't have those additional opening credits that were in it telemovie (Telefilm), the remaining 11 telemovies (Telefilm) and the Extended version of The Living Legend telefim all had them in there telemovie (Telefilm) and the Guest star for each movie and they started the Greetings From Earth (Telefilm) where several minutes would of been missing, but don't worry about that, I edited in all the missing footage that was edit out and made sure it had the complete ending credit, which they used the original 1979 telecast credits and not all of the ending credits were used in the traders recorded copies. I guess there was only one trader that was offerring this telemovie (Telefilm), because I found another trader in 2015 and traded for copy of his copy and it was a DVD trade and it turn out to be the exact same broadcast from the same city and state from the video trade I did in 2001 and they lived in different states, the 2 were exactly the same, but the one I got in 2001 which was a video trade had the best quality and was the one I used to put on DVD. I recorded all the other 11 telemovies (Telefilm) myself (1st generation) of the multi part episode myself and when they televised those episodes, they only had 3 commercial breaks when it aired in a 2 hr. timeslot, they had a break every 30 min., they all are 1st generation recordings, except for Greetings From Earth, which has poor quality, but than again it the only telemovie (Telefilm) that didn't have any extra scenes in it according to, because it was the only one originally televised as a 2-hour presentation, the only addition footage would of been in the title of the movie at the beginning, it starts out like all of the other multi-part episodes and they didn't have the Battlestar Galactica at the beginning, they only put that in on the telemovie where they used 1 hr. episodes, except for Experiment in Terra, I guess they didn't use it in the telemovie, because it had new footage in it and footage from the series Galactica 1980 The Return of Starbuck footage in it. The telemovies (Telefilm) with the title of the movie, Greetings From Earth, you never see Battlestar Galactica at the start of any of the telemovies, except for the 2 and one half hour long with ads of the pilot telemovie, which is the only other version were Baltar lives. The Living Legend Telemovie (Telefilm) Extended Version which is the only other movie that I didn't record, but had the trader record it on the best ever Master Quality Super VHS videotape ever made when I learned he could record in SVHS and it's the only SVHS videotape that had double coating which will avoid another generation also being recorded in SVHS at the SP speed, so with that addition movie it a 13 telemovies set and I know it's impossible to find all of the 12 telemovies and even the Starlogs magazine didn’t mention the The Living Legend Extended version telemovie (Telefilm) in the episode guide edition. I put only 1 telemovie on each DVD and recorded them at the variable speed, which was just 1 min. over the total running time of the movie. Take Space Prison, which was the longest running time telemovie, I recorded that movie a 1:39:00 speed, a little faster than the SP (2 hr.) speed, which is the normal speed for a DVD where there will not have any compression, the second longest telemovie after I edit back in the missing footage was Greetings From Earth, 1:36:10. There is zero compression on any of the other Battlstar Galactica telemovie (Telefilm).

The Greetings From Earth (Telefilm), once I got my first computer in 2000 and discovered the alt.tape-trading news group, I was always posting a want ad for that Greetings From Earth telemovie (Telefilm) and found 2 trader that I traded with to get the Greetings From Earth telemovie that they had, and both copies I got from them were from the exact same telecast, except one of them had 1 less generation on it, which was the one I used, I also found a third trader who had it, but this time I asked him questions to make sure I wouldn't be getting another copy of the exact same broadcast, which it was so I didn't trade with him seeing that his copy had poor quality. So I have been trying to find someone who has the movie without any luck for over the last 17 years, that why I said, it's impossible to find the multi-part episodes and the following 2 discs below:

Disc 13th is the Extended edition is the original "The Living Legend "Telefilm" story continuity with extra effects scenes from the theatrical "Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack" which had a different ending. An extra 15 minutes.

Disc 14th is the Extended version of The Hand of God, which is about 2 minutes longer in total running time with the additional footage, 48:59, because it has no trailers in it like all of the other telefilms and the 2nd half of the DVD is an episode of Siography: Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) series, 1-hour.

The four two-part episodes, Lost Planet of the Gods, Gun on Ice Planet Zero , The Living Legend, and War of the Gods, each feature about five minutes of new scenes, which were originally filmed for the episodes, but never made it in the original broadcast version. The only episode to be originally aired as a two-hour block was, Greetings from Earth, notwithstanding slight variations in main title sequence, is virtually identical to the original broadcast version. Although this telemovie has no new scenes, it is an improvement on the syndicated version, which is lacking several minutes of material, due to the splitting of the episode into two parts.

The remainder of the series (11 one-hour episodes), are presented as two-hour telefilms. In each of these telemovies, the individual episodes were edited so that the end result was a two-hour narrative, instead of two distinct episodes. Sometimes these episodes were pieced together with the inclusion of over-dubbed dialog, and bridge sequences (from stock footage). "Experiment in Terra" is the only one of these latter telemovies which actually features new footage.

It begins with an astronaut finding Commander Adama's log book in space, and a short pre-Carillon synopsis of the pilot, with narrations by Patrick Macnee and Lorne Greene (reciting from the log book.) This is followed by more stock footage from the pilot episode, and a special edited version of "The Return of Starbuck" from the Galactica 1980 series. This version of the Galactica 1980 episode has had all the scenes and references to Angela and her star child removed, and is made to appear as if Starbuck took the part-Cylon part-Galactican escape craft back to the Battlestar Galactica. This sequence is then followed by a slightly longer version of the episode "Experiment in Terra".


1. Battlestar Galactica Disc 1 2:02 min. version without the ads is of 3-hr premiere Televised in a 2 and a Half Hour Timeslot and is the only other version where Baltar is NOT killed. 150 min. which only had 4 ad breaks, every 30 min.

2. Lost Planet of Gods Disc 2 "Lost Planet of the Gods", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min. (expanded)

3. Gun on Ice Planet Zero Disc 3 "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min. (expanded)

4. The Living Legend "The Living Legend", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min. (expanded)

5. The Phantom in Space "The Lost Warriors" "The Hand of God", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min.

6. Curse of the Cylons "Fire in Space" "The Magnificent Warriors", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min.

7. War of the Gods "War of the Gods", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min. (expanded)

8. Murder in Space "Murder on the Rising Star" "The Young Lords", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min.

9. Greetings from Earth "Greetings from Earth"

10. Space Casanova "Take the Celestra" "The Long Patrol", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min.

11. Space Prison "The Man with Nine Lives" "Baltar's Escape", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min.

12. Experiment in Terra "The Return of Starbuck" (edited) "Experiment in Terra", with only had 3 ad breaks. every 30 min. (expanded)

All of the telemovies (Telefilm), they only had 3 ad breaks, every 30 min during the telecast in a 2 hour timeslot.

13. The Extended Version of The Living Legend Telefilm

14. The Extended Version of The Hand of God & Siography: Battlestar Galactica (1978-1979) series


The British telefilm set release is a 96 minutes version of the "Saga of a Star World" pilot, which would be right for a 2 hour slot. The original first syndication run played the first time in a 2 and a half hour time slot, with a very similar edit to the 125 minutes theatrical version, except of course they don't kill Baltar.


Released as two part version in the UK Telefilm set. Even the eventual commercial release in the 90's in the US on VHS was of the original two-part version. The telefilm version has a number of additional or extended scenes to the double "Lost Planet of the Gods" episode.


Episodes "The Lost Warrior" and "The Hand of God" which contain extra scenes and revised continuity. Actually a "The Hand of God" sandwich with "The Lost Warrior" in the middle. The planet Equellus is mentioned more.


Episodes "The Long Patrol" and "Take The Celestra" which contain extra scenes and revised continuity.Again, "Take The Celestra" is done in two halves around "The Long Patrol". Starbuck juggles three women and a female computer. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TELEMOVIE - The Gun on Ice Planet Zero

The telefilm for syndication play consists of the double "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" episode with extra scenes, longer scenes and revised scene order.


Episodes "The Magnificent Warriors" and "Fire in Space" which contains extra scenes and revised continuity. Works best as a combo because they aired close together and little continuity had to be modified.


Episodes "Murder on the Rising Star" and "The Young Lords" which contain extra scenes and revised continuity. Instead of giving up in the launch tube Starbuck launches, pursued by Boomer. He decides to go back and face the charges when the Cylons attack, forcing him to crash on the planet Attilla. Once rescued the trial continues, though completely without Baltar, a key participant in the episodic version . This is the most revised continuity of the telefilms.


The telefilm version has the original two part episode of "The Living Legend" combined with "Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack" (a theatrical release with a partial "Fire in Space" and revised ending).


The Extended edition is the original "The Living Legend" story continuity with extra effects scenes from the theatrical "Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack" which had a different ending. An extra 15 minutes.


The true telefilm consists of the "War of the Gods" episode with scenes added or lengthened and some lines added.


Episodes "The Man With Nine Lives" And "Baltar's Escape" which is the natural combination of the two Noman stories. More additional voiceovers in this one than most. And a complete sequence of Baltar surrendering (from "War of the Gods") so film could stand alone.


This was the only two hour story to play as such during the original run of "Greetings From Earth" so as such had fewest changes. The British release is of the syndicated two part version. The Epic set features the original two hour play.


Universal says it doesn't exist, the oddest of all because they only had one episode to work with (same title), so they retell the origin story, add some new footage and concept paintings seen nowhere else and throw in half of "The Return of Starbuck" from Galactica 1980 with a revised ending before we get to "Experiment in Terra" with some extended scenes.

Semi-Regular Cast and Special Guest Stars
Serina (Jane Seymour) - Newswoman, Boxey's mother, Apollo's wife (dead)
Adar (Lew Ayres) - President of the Council of the Twelve (dead)
Zac (Rick Springfield) - Younger son of Adama and Ila (dead)
Deitra (Sheila De Windt) - Lt., Shuttle and Viper pilot
Brie (Janet Louise Johnson) - Sergeant, Shuttle and Viper pilot
Giles (Larry Manetti) - Blue Squadron warrior
Komma (Jeff MacKay) - Galactica Computer technician, also firefighter
Carmichael (Olan Soulé) - Chief planter on fleet agroship
Cain (Lloyd Bridges) - Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus
Bojay (Jack Stauffer) - Captain, Silver Spar Squadron leader
Tolen (Ron Haase) - Flight officer aboard the Battlestar Pegasus
Chameleon (Fred Astaire) - Professional con man, Starbuck's father
Zed (Frank Parker) - IFB newscaster, sports commentator
Zara (Patricia Stitch) - IFB newswoman/interviewer
Reese (Ron Kelly) - Council security officer
Kronus (Paul Fix) - Commander of the Celestra (dead)
All of my recordings are recorded at a flexible speed for the time allotted for the disc to get the best possible quality, unlike other sellers who have to record at a certain speed, thereby recording at a lower speed thereby leaving 1/3 or more of the disc not even being used. The discs comes in DVD paper window sleeves, the discs come without labels or artwork, because labels on discs can cause the disc to play improperly over time, all of my DVDs are in the DVD-R, NTSC format (USA) region 0 (free), so please make sure, your player will play them. All discs in all of my sets have interactive menus, making it easy to watch a certain episode. When I dub my video recordings to DVD, I make sure it's the best possible playback, that includes if necessary, adjusting the tape guide roller to improve the tracking, after all these are my master recordings. First the recording is recorded to the DVD hard-drive at the XP (1-hour) speed, then the commercials are edited out perfectly, then record onto DVD at the variable speed, thereby using the complete disc, unlike most seller who have to use a certain speed, I've never recorded anything at a certain speed, all recordings are recorded at the flexible speed. Unlike other sellers, if a master disc develops a bad spot, which has happen a few times to me, I can always make a new master, because I have the original recordings for all of my items for sale. I remember buying from a seller on a different site, and 1 disc had a bad spot, that seller sent me 2 replacements, each time the replacement sent had the exact same bad spot in the exact place, that seller didn't have the original recording to make a new one, something to think about when buying rare old TV recordings. Don't be fooled, by other seller's, claiming theirs are uncut or that they have excellent quality, I've bought some series from other sellers, claiming very good quality, only to find out they had terrible quality, I couldn't believe they had the nerve to sell such poor quality. My prices are high, because they are rare, 1st generation recordings, not many people, had a VCR back in the late 70's. I bought my first VCR in 1979, costing me over $1200, that's 1979 dollars, that is why, all of my listings, are the original network broadcast and 1st generation. When the first MTS stereo VCR recorder came on the market in 1985, I bought one immediately, which is why my series are in stereo too, I doubt other seller""s can say that, Like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Ask any and all questions up front. Copying is too easy, these days. I offer no refunds, but will happily replace any faulty disc for any USA buyers. The S/H charge in the USA is only $10.00 and the set cost $80.00 making the total $90.00. This series is being offered on a collector basics only, to share in the enjoyment of this cancelled Short-Lived television series. I AM A COLLECTOR OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES, TV SERIES, AND HARD TO FIND MOVIES. I CHARGE A FAIR PRICE FOR QUALITY MERCHANDISE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING I NEED FOR TRADE! By visiting this website or messaging me you understand and agree to the following: By messaging, offering or purchasing you understand that these transactions are collector to collector and any incidental costs that are involved not for product or labor but transportation of said goods. No profit is made from my trading and is done only for my enjoyment, to help out others and the chance to expand my own collection. This site is not for commercial use. You understand that these trades or donations are collector to collector and any incidental costs that may be involved are not for profit, but for accumulated costs involved in the process required. All charges placed on the reproduction of any and all video footage are attached to the time, materials, machine wear & tear and shipping & packaging and whatever is left over goes to saving feral kittens and preventing them from ever being born, which is the ONLY reason why I'm offering copies of my rare recording, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time offering copies my rare recordings from my video library that I've been recording over the past 30 years+. My service is meant to offer rare, not commercially available and hard to find films or TV shows to those looking for them for their own home viewing pleasure ONLY. DO NOT buy if you intend to make copies to re-sell. That is not my purpose for doing this. By purchasing, you are agreeing that the DVD-R discs, NTSC format you purchase will be for your personal home viewing pleasure ONLY. If you don't agree, then please don't buy! PLEASE NO SALES TO OTHER SELLERS (UNLESS APPROVED BY ME AHEAD OF TIME). TOO MANY SELLERS BUY ITEMS ONLY TO TURN AROUND AND COPY AND SELL FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT (USUALLY AT A LESSER PRICE). SOME OF THESE ITEMS ARE VERY HARD TO COME BY AND I WORK HARD TO GET THEM, SOMETIMES SPENDING A LOT OF TIME MAKING MY MASTER DISCS, AFTER ALL I AM THE ONE THAT DID ORIGINALLY RECORDED THESE SHOWS, BECAUSE MOST ARE MY OWN PERSONAL RECORDINGS, AND I TAKE A LOT OF TIME TO EDIT THE COMMERCIALS OUT, ETC. THIS ALSO INCLUDES USING ANOTHER MEMBER I.D. YOU MAY HAVE OR HAVING ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER PURCHASE!! ONE THING FOR SURE, i KNOW THERE ISN'T ANOTHER SELLER WHO COULD PROVIDE THE QUALITY OF THIS SET AND IF THERE IS A BAD DISC, INCLUDING MY MASTER COPIES, i CAN ALSO MAKE A NEW ONE UP, BECAUSE i HAVE ALL THE MASTER RECORDINGS SEEING THAT I'M THE ONE THAT ORIGINALLY RECORDED THESE MOVIES BACK IN 1981. ALL FUNDS MADE ON THESE DVD'S ARE ONLY USED FOR MAINTAINING MY EQUIPMENT: DISCS, PAPER SLEEVES, TRAVEL TO THE POST OFFICE, AUCTION HOUSE FEES, PACKING & MY TIME AND EFFORT TO CREATE THE DVD'S ON A COLLECTOR TO COLLECTOR BASICS, NONPROFIT, NONCOMMERCIAL, PRIVATE TRADES & TRANSFERS AS PER ORDER, WHICH LEAVES THE ALMOST ALL OF THE FUNDS GOES DIRECTLY TO SAVING FERAL KITTENS AND PREVENTING THEM FROM EVER BEING BORN BY HAVING ANY FERAL/STRAY FEMALE CATS SPAYED THAT I SEE IN MY TRAILER PARK. SO FAR I HAVE EASILY PREVENTED OVER A 1,000 KITTENS FROM EVER BEING BORN AND IN THE FIRST YEAR I STARTED SAVING FERAL KITTENS, I CAUGHT 41 FERAL KITTENS THAT YEAR, THAT WHY I TRY TO GET THEM SPAYED BEFORE THEY END UP WITH KITTENS, SEEING THAT I LEAVE FOOD AND WATER OUTSIDE FOR THE SPRAY CATS AND I KNOW WHEN THERE IS A LITTER OF KITTENS, THERE IS ALWAYS A LOT OF FOOD ON THE GROUND WHEN KITTENS ARE EATING THE FOOD AND THAN I CAUGHT THEM AND THAN DOMESTICATE THEM AND THAN FIND THEM A FOREVER LOVING CARING HOMES FOR THE KITTENS.

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