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Tin Man Complete Mini-Series (DVD) SYFY Original! Alan Cumming

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Tin Man Pic
This is a Sci-fi original mini-series!

A GREAT mini series too!

Just a top notch cast and the way the series looked!

A must in any collection! 3 disc set!

A twist on the Wizard of Oz!

The quality is 9 1/2 out of 10!

No labels or artwork

Just the 3 discs in DVD sleeves!

If you are outside of the U.S.A. the shipping is $12.00 NO EXCEPTIONS!


Zooey Deschanel as DG , the heroine of the story (analogous to Dorothy Gale), a young woman who, like the original Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, finds herself in an unfamiliar realm after a storm. She finds and befriends several inhabitants of the O.Z. who have suffered under Azkadellia's rule while searching for her missing parents. As she travels, she finds herself discovering places she has dreamed of and drawn all of her life. She learns her "parents" are actually robots who were programmed to raise her, and then explain things to her once it was time for her to return. Her real mother is the former Queen of the O.Z. who sent DG away after Azkadellia, her sister, tried to murder her. DG must travel in search of a powerful emerald that will enable her to defeat Azkadellia and free their mother. As she travels, DG continues to remember more of her past life and begins to develop her own magical powers. Eventually it is revealed she has an ancestor named Dorothy Gale that her parents named her after. (Dorothy Gale was "the first slipper" - i.e., the first person to "slip" over from the real world into the O.Z.). Dorothy Gale is associated by DG with the mysterious "Gray Gale", and she has the Emerald of the Eclypse. DG is played by Rachel Pattee as a child.

Neal McDonough as Detective Wyatt Cain (analogous to the Tin Man), a former police man, a.k.a. "Tin Man", of the Mystic Man's protection detail. He joined a resistance movement against Azkadellia's rule, incurring her wrath. After his family was captured by Azkadellia's Longcoat soldiers, Cain was locked for years in a tin suit resembling an iron maiden, while the scene of his family's torture was played repeatedly. Despite his seemingly cold nature, he agrees to lead DG and Glitch to Central City and acts as their guardian. Along the way, he learns his family had not been killed by Zero. He finds their new home, but it is too late. He finds the grave of his wife.

Alan Cumming as Glitch, or Ambrose (analogous to the Scarecrow), a man with a zipper on his head whose brain was taken by the sorceress because of something he knew, earning him the name of Glitch (Because sometimes his "synapses don't fire right"). He was once named Ambrose, a brilliant inventor and the former adviser to the Queen. When Azkadellia began her coup, he destroyed the blue prints of the Sun Seeder machine to try to protect it from Azkadellia, but she removed his brain so she could get the plans directly from it instead. Though he sometimes forgets his name and repeats himself, he also has moments of clarity in which he can remember things clearly and shows signs of great knowledge. Also, he has claimed to be a fantastic dancer and shows his point while he and Cain try to rescue DG from prison (knocking out several Longcoats with Martial Art-like dance moves).

Raoul Trujillo as Raw (analogous to the Cowardly Lion), a man DG rescues from being another creature's dinner. Though somewhat human in appearance he has an animal-like nature. Raw is a "viewer" with empathic and healing abilities who ran away from his people out of fear.

Kathleen Robertson as Azkadellia the Sorceress (analogous to the Wicked Witch of the West), a powerful enchantress who imprisoned her own mother and assassinated her sister to take over the rule of the O.Z. Her rule has been tyrannical and she uses her Longcoat troops to kill anyone who opposes her. She also has markings on her chest that contain flying bat monkeys, which she commands at will. When she learns DG is still alive and back in the O.Z., she sends her Longcoats out to kill her. She is building a machine to destroy the O.Z. As children, Azkadellia and DG were close sisters who loved each other. When they were exploring a cave, Azkadellia was possessed by an evil witch who had been sealed inside, a plot twist that reveals that Azkadellia herself is not evil; it is not her, but the witch's spirit who desires to kill DG. DG eventually realizes this, and struggles to free Azkadellia from the influence of the witch. Azkadellia is played by Alexia Fast as a child.

Richard Dreyfuss as the Mystic Man (analogous to the Wizard of Oz), a former leader of Central City that aided DG's mother in smuggling her out of the O.Z. He is addicted to Azkadellia's vapors, a euphoria-inducing mist. He regains some of his senses after seeing the sign on DG's hand. He sends her to the Northern Island where Lavender Eyes is located. He also makes Cain swear to never leave DG's side on his honor as a Tin Man. Azkadellia captures him, and eventually kills him for refusing to cooperate.

Anna Galvin as Lavender Eyes (analogous to the Good Witch Glinda), the true Queen of the O.Z. who has been imprisoned by her daughter, Azkadellia. She is DG's real mother who sent DG away to protect her after Azkadellia killed DG. She poured all of her power into DG to save her life, leaving her helpless to stop Azkadellia's later take-over. She then asked the cyborgs of Milltown to take DG to the Other Side and raise her there in safety.

Blu Mankuma as Tutor (analogous to Toto), a shape-shifter who was once the teacher of magic to DG and Azkadellia. As a child, DG mispronounced his name/title and called him Toto. After Azkadellia took over the O.Z., Tutor was imprisoned in her dungeon. Azkadellia frees him under the condition that he attach himself to DG's group as a spy so she will know when DG finds the emerald. He drops magical discs that record events and are picked by Azkadellia's Mobats (winged monkeys) and taken to her.

Shawn MacDonald as Lylo, a seer enslaved by Azkadellia. Azkadellia uses his abilities to read the minds of any one she wants information from, using electric shocks to torture Lylo if he disobeys or is struggling with an assigned task. He also has some abilities to see into the future or far off places, which is how Azkadellia first learns that DG is still alive. Azkadellia uses him to try to read DG's magically locked memory, but the effort kills him.

Callum Keith Rennie as Zero, a Longcoat who is promoted to leader after General Lonot is killed for failing to capture DG. He led the band of Longcoats who tortured Cain and his family and locked Cain in the tin prison.

Doug Abrahams as General Lonot, the commander of Azkadellia's Longcoats until Azkadellia executes him after his failure to capture DG. He was once the queen's loyal commander of the 4th guard, but he betrayed her to Azkadellia.

Ted Whittall as Ahamo, or Seeker (also sharing qualities of the Wizard of Oz), DG and Azkadellia's father. "Ahamo" is "Omaha" (where DG was sent) spelled backwards. He was also a native of Nebraska who, while ballooning, was caught up in storm and found himself in the O.Z. He fell in love with Lavender Eyes and stayed in the O.Z. Like the original wizard, Ahamo comes from Nebraska in a balloon.

Ian Wallace as Raynz

Donny Lucas as Vy-Sor


Tin Man is a three-part television miniseries re-imagining of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It gives the story a heavy science fiction/fantasy emphasis and gives only allusive references to most of the original story. Produced by RHI Entertainment and Sci Fi Pictures original films, it was originally broadcast over three nights on the Sci Fi Channel between December 2, 2007 and December 4, 2007 at 9 pm Eastern. All three parts re-aired on Sunday December 9, 2007 from 4 pm Central to 10 pm Central on the same channel.

According to preliminary ratings data released by Nielsen Media Research, the first night of the miniseries averaged more than 6.3 million viewers from 8-10 p.m., making it the most-watched telecast in the network's history!


Part 1:

DG (Zooey Deschanel) is a waitress who has never felt like she fit in her small town life. Her dreams are plagued with strange visions of places she's never seen and a lavender-eyed woman warning her that a storm is coming. These dreams are realized when the sorceress Azkadellia (Kathleen Robertson), tyrannical ruler of the Outer Zone (O.Z.), sends her soldiers through a travel storm to kill DG, inadvertently dragging DG and her parents into the O.Z. Mistaken for a spy, she is captured and meets Glitch (Alan Cumming), a "headcase" whose brain has been removed by Azkadellia.

DG and Glitch manage to escape, and discover Cain (Neal McDonough), a former policeman ("Tin Man") who had been locked in a metal suit for denouncing Azkadellia's rule. They soon meet the fourth member of their group, an empathic, half-wolverine creature named Raw (Raoul Trujillo).

The group arrive at Milltown, where DG is reunited with her parents. She learns that her "parents" are actually robots who had been tasked to raise her by her real mother, the lavender-eyed woman of her dreams. DG is told to go Central City to meet the Mystic Man (Richard Dreyfuss), who has a message that will help her find her real mother.

The Mystic Man tells DG to go to the Northern Island, and there she finds the abandoned castle of the former Queen of the O.Z. They learn that Glitch was once the former Queen's advisor, DG is the daughter of the former Queen herself, and Azkadellia is DG's sister. As children, Azkadellia killed DG using dark magic, but the Queen revived her by light magic, and whispered to her instructions to find the "Emerald of Eclipse", an item that Azkadellia has been searching for.

Azkadellia and her Longcoats confront the group at the castle. DG and Raw are captured, and Glitch is left for dead after a struggle. In a fight with the Longcoat leader Zero (Callum Keith Rennie), Cain learns that his family, whom he thought died years ago, are still alive. Zero shoots Cain in the heart and he falls out the castle window into the ice lake.

Part 2:

At the Northern Island, Glitch and Cain are both alive, and take journey back to Central City to rescue DG.

Azkadellia interrogates DG about the Emerald of the Eclipse, but the only clue she can get is that the Emerald is protected by the "Gray Gale". DG is placed in a cell adjacent to the Mystic Man's, and he tells her that now she has to go South. The Mystic Man is then killed by Azkadellia.

DG is released from her cell by a little dog, and she quickly finds Raw and is reunited with Cain and Glitch. After escaping Central City, the dog is revealed to be a shapeshifter named Tutor (whom DG as a child called "Toto"). The group head South, and the Toto is revealed to be a spy for Azkadellia, marking their path so that Azkadellia's flying monkeys may follow.

During their journey south to the lake country of Finaqua, various elements are revealed. Glitch's real name is Ambrose, and he'd designed a machine called a Sun Seeder, which was meant to extend the growing season in O.Z. Azkadellia removed his brain to get the plans and turn it into an Anti-Sun Seeder, which she will use to lock the O.Z.'s two suns behind the moon during the double eclipse, which is due to happen soon. The group learn that Toto is a spy, but he insists that he changed his mind and now wants to help. The others accept his company on the condition that he remain in his smaller, canine form.

Arriving in Finaqua, more of DG's memories return. As children, Azkadellia and her were very close and loving, but that changed the day that DG found a cave in the Finaqua woods and accidentally released the spirit of an ancient, evil witch. Faced with danger, Azkadellia knew that if they stuck together and held hands, their combined magic could protect them from harm, but DG panicked and ran, resulting in Azkadellia being possessed by the evil witch.

DG is horrified by her recovered memory, realising that everything bad that has happened to the O.Z. is her fault.

Part 3:

DG finds a magical recording left behind by her mother, which instructs her to go further south to find Ahamo, who is DG's father. Cain leads them to the Realm of the Unwanted, where Ahamo supposedly lives. Following their trail is Azkadellia, who also finds the recording and learns about Ahamo.

The companions enter the Realm of the Unwanted and are told by a fortuneteller that only the Seeker can find Ahamo. The fortuneteller betrays the group to Zero and his Longcoats, and they are all captured except for DG, who is quickly snatched away by Seeker, and Toto, who in dog form follows DG's trail. The Longcoats march their prisoners out of the Realm of the Unwanted, but they are attacked by resistance fighters en route. The leader of the resistance is Cain's son, Jeb, who has become hardened following the death of his mother.

Although initially furious at her father for abandoning her mother, DG learns that he has been in hiding, preparing for her return. Ahamo gives her a compass, which DG uses to point toward the Emerald. Travelling by air balloon, they find the magical resting place of the entire royal family since past. Prominently featured is the mausoleum of Dorothy Gale, DG's "greatest great-grandmother" and the "first slipper" who traveled from to the O.Z. from Earth. A gray apparition of Dorothy (i.e. The Gray Gale) gives D.G. the Emerald.

Before DG can escape with the Emerald, Azkadellia takes it and emtombs her in a sarcophagus of green marble within the royal mausoleum. DG escapes using her magic, and is reunited with Glitch, Cain, Raw and Toto, and together they head back to Central City. There, Glitch, Cain, and Raw focus on stopping the Anti-Sun Seeder, while DG goes in search of Azkadellia.

As the double eclipse nears totality, Azkadellia uses the Emerald's power to lock the suns in place behind the moon. DG tries to reason with her, encouraging her sister to fight back, invoking her memories of their love. Finally, Azkadellia clasps hands with DG, who pulls her free of the beam, separating her physical body from the spectral form of the old witch. The two sisters hold hands, their combined magic shielding them against the witch's attack until DG's companions are able to reverse the Sun Seeder pulse, causing her to melt.

The royal sisters are reunited with their mother and father. Together with Cain, Glitch and Raw, they watch the suns come out from behind the moon and bathe the O.Z. in "suns-light.