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WELCOME to, a premier classified ads site that brings the best of all worlds to Buyers and Sellers. BuySellCommunity is an online marketplace where members post their ads for free and buyers make offers or purchases without having to register. Our mission is to provide users with a quality site and quality service.

If you are a buyer, browse our site to search for your desired item, make the seller an offer, finalise the price, terms and conditions to complete the transaction. There is no multi-way bidding common to auction sites; hence, there is less confusion and no worries regarding shill-bidding.

If you are a seller, to post an ad, complete a simple registration, log in, and begin posting your ad under the "Sell" tab. Basic classified listings are always FREE (text and image upload) and there is never a final transaction fee. BuySellCommunity ads are listed for 60 days! If required, renewal for an additional 60 days is also free! The only restriction we impose is we ask you to respect our user agreement regarding posting SPAM, junk ads and prohibited items or services. In addition, when posting an ad, please provide a quality, detailed and honest description of the item or service being offered for sale. This creates trust on your part and it will only assist you in the sale of your product.

BuySellCommunity respects our members' privacy and will not share nor sell our members' personal information to anyone. BuySellCommunity does not associate itself with the negotiation process, but will help make the initial contact between the buyer and seller.

The BuySellCommunity method is a quick, efficient, safe and economical way to buy and sell online. To get started, please register to post your ad, or if you just want to browse, registration is not required.

BuySellCommunity has spared no resources in order to make your buying or selling experience as enjoyable as possible. Take advantage of our free ad listing offer and tell your friends. You've got nothing to lose. Give it a try!


The BuySellCommunity Team